Salt on my tongue,

Dissolves sharply into the roof of my mouth.

Salt in the garden,

Sprinkled on the earth to keep slugs away.

Salt along the roads,

Keeping slippery ice and snow at bay.

Salt over our bodies,

Drying on our skin after swimming in the ocean.

But my favourite salt

Covers the rim of my margarita glass.


Wine drunk

I’m wine drunk and I’m sleepy,

This guy is acting a little bit creepy.

Not enough to speak out-

But I am looking about

For my friends in the club.

Maybe they left and are at the pub?

His hand is on my leg-

Yuck. In my mind I beg

For someone to rescue me;

To come over and set me free.

He’s telling me about his life

And I know he has a wife

But she’s not the topic at hand,

He needs me to know he thinks I’m grand

My male friends don’t know why he scared me;

“He was just trying to be friendly,”

But I know the mood can turn like that,

They go from nice to angry in three seconds flat.

That’s why¬† I want to get away;

Save this pain for another day.