Gap in My Heart

The empty space where you used to be

Fills me with sudden misery

The gap that appeared next to the chair-

I look for you, and you’re not there.

Hairs on the rug remind me of you,

The things we used to see and do.

Now I am dogless, without a dog;

It hits me, fills my brain with fog.

I went out and saw a dog the same,

Which made me cry and feel insane;

I hope you’re up in heaven somehow;

I hate my life without you now.






2 thoughts on “Gap in My Heart

  1. This is a lovely poem about your dog. Did you recently lose him/her? I’m sorry for your loss.
    I have lost several over the years. The pain of missing them hurts, I know. We usually have 2 or 3 dogs at one time, so they comfort our broken hearts and fill in the holes left behind.


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