A Day at the Coast

He licks the salt off my lips

As the sea gushes forth

I am blinded by the sun and lost in my thoughts.

He holds my hand and the sea flashes above us

The cold light pinning us down.

The waves tug at my dress while the rocks caress my feet,

smooth from years of being beaten down,

shiny yet worn and old.

There is no one on the beach and there is no one in the sea

Save for us and the greying birds

Who circle above the encroaching tide with silent beaks,

Waiting and watching for unsuspecting food.

My hands are tangled with seaweed and his eyes are closed shut against the current.

On the way home we shiver in our towels, sand in our hair, and on my mind

Are the sharp silver fish that flitted around our feet as we got close to the shore.









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